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There is no health without mental health.


What is it?

Counselling is a way of helping you solve your own emotional, social, personal or interpersonal problems.

Why do it?

Speaking to a counselor can help you deal with trauma in your life by venting negative emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Coming to terms with this can enable you to understand your present behaviours. A counsellor can empower you to make better decisions and life choices.

How can we help you?

Our trained counsellors can help you explore the difficulties and emotions that are worrying you, help you see them objectively and work with you to identify alternative courses of action to solve the problem.

We can also train you in psychological counselling through a diploma course. Admission fees are ₹5,000 and monthly fees are ₹2,000. This is for a one-year course, consisting of two sessions of two hours each a week. Each course is for three months, consisting of two sessions a week. To get updates about the next workshop, please connect with us.


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