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Lotus Rescue Career Academy: about us

When life offers you chaos, create a new path

Lotuss Rescue Career Academy is a holistic wellness studio. We enable professionals, homemakers, and children to remove inner barriers and express their deepest potential. Our unique approach combines psychology, self-work, and spiritual elements. 

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 If you are stuck, unable to live your potential, or keen on improving productivity, we can help.

Our story

Lotuss Rescue Career Academy grew out of the life experiences of Ruplekha Sinharoy, the founder. She believes every person has powerful, hidden potential that can manifest by integrating aspects of the mind, self, and the divine. This is how she has healed her own self and countless others. Today, her approach helps people find healing, purpose, and abundance.

How can we help?

When life tests us, we can ask the universe for help. Or check for flaws in our thinking. Or work on our issues. At Lotuss Rescue, we believe each of these approaches is partial and hence, incomplete. True and lasting change happens when we integrate all three facets.

Holistic healing for the urban multi-tasker happens in three facets

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Meet the founder

Ruplekha Sinharoy

Ruplekha Sinharoy, Founder

From childhood, Ruplekha had an instinctive relationship with nature. Trees and flowers and animals were her best friends. Over time, she was healed and guided by nature’s many faces. Growing up with tribal children helped because they also had a strong connection with nature. As her connection with nature and her healing capability evolved, she felt the desire to share it with the world. She did her doctorate in teaching, studied the Louise Hay ‘Heal your Life’ course in the UK, and acquired deep knowledge and expertise in many spiritual modalities. She has been practicing them now for years.

Meet the team

Atreyee Chandra

Atreyee Chandra

Atreyee is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 19 years of experience. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Applied Psychology, specializing in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Calcutta. She also holds an M.Phil degree in Medical & Social Psychology from the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. Atreyee was the first Clinical Psychologist of Tata Motors Hospital, Jharkhand. She has also been an Assistant Professor and Student Counsellor in NSHM Knowledge Campus, West Bengal, and a Clinical Psychologist at Vidyasagar University, Medinipur. She teaches at various institutions/universities and is currently practicing as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Kolkata.

Atreyee Chandra


Bhanumathi is a Cognitive Hypnotic Coach, Trainer, and Psychological Counsellor, offering gender and neurodiversity-affirmed service in a comfortable, safe, and confidential environment. She is an experienced, competent, and committed professional who uses a solution-focused approach to empower people to achieve their desired outcomes.

Atreyee Chandra

Keya Dey

Keya is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (EKAA) and Regression Therapist Intern (TASSO, Netherlands). She holds additional certifications in NLP and Acupuncture therapy (IRIIM-Intern). She practices Transcendental and Vipassana meditation. Keya specializes in various modalities including Inner child work, Past Life Regression, Accident trauma release, Attachments and Spirit Release, and Empowerment sessions.

Atreyee Chandra

Neelam Jain

Neelam is an enthusiastic Hypnotherapy Aspirant, a Psychological Counsellor, a Subconscious Reprogrammer, a Wellness Coach, and a Certified Access Bars Practitioner. She is a profound meditator and believes in the holistic approach of healing, creating a comfortable and confidential space at every step. She has inspired many young parents by delivering the art of conscious parenting.

Atreyee Chandra

Neetu A. Beel

Neetu specializes in Handwriting Analysis, Signature Correction, Numerology, Bach Flower Remedy, Access Consciousness, and Pranic Healing. She has 12 years of experience and has touched thousands of lives with her energy work.

Atreyee Chandra

Priyanka Sen Karmakar 

Priyanka is a remarkable social entrepreneur who serves as the Managing Director of GMPL (GAAP Medical Pvt Limited). This organization is dedicated to offering cutting-edge nephrological care to the wider community. GMPL has forged partnerships with leading healthcare institutions like Golf View Research & Healthcare Institute to establish clinics, dialysis units, and complementary medical services. Beyond her role at GMPL, Mrs. Karmakar also holds the position of Founder President at Aditri Foundation, an NGO that passionately advocates for underprivileged children's education and well-being.

Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal

Shweta is a board member of the Lotus Rescue NGO and a Healer. It was her childhood dream to become a social worker and she counts Mother Teresa as her role model. The Lotuss Rescue Career Academy is based on 3 elements: psychology, self care and the divine. And as we know, this world is made up of 5 elements. All elements are important for human beings to survive, but when we are mentally fit then we can care for ourselves and others and connect to the higher being that is God. This academy will help you to manifest your true self and achieve your destination.

Atreyee Chandra

Sohini Deb

Sohini is a licensed Special Educator with 5 years of experience under the Rehabilitation Council of India and a Music Therapy practitioner for 6 years. Currently serving as the Special Educator Head at Choti Si Asha, an initiative of Lotus Rescue for differently abled individuals. Sohini offers scientific assessment, intervention in Individualized Education Programs (IEP), group activities, vocational training, and alternative medicine applications. She focuses on enhancing personal, academic, cognitive, social, behavioral, and vocational skills to achieve desired goals. Additionally, she contributes research-based articles on Special Education and Music Therapy to various magazines.

Create a cycle of healing

20% of Lotuss Rescue Career Academy’s revenue goes to Lotus Rescue, an NGO that helps underprivileged children and women lead dignified, empowered lives. So, as your problems get unlocked, you contribute to society. 

“Each card actually tells the reality and explains what’s happening. And your advice is truly making a difference.”


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